Merriment Social

17 Oct

Merriment Social is in the old Prodigal Gastropub space and looks just about the same. Large, open and airy, with garage doors that open up in the warmer months. This place is all about sharing, as so many are these days, but I happen to love that concept. As of this writing I have been 5 times with different people and I have yet to have anyone say they were not happy with the experience.

The menu changes all the time, so there is much point to writing about the menu details. That said, there are a few things they have told me will be staples which are simply superb. The Merriment burger. I ready a blog post where someone said “watch out Sobelman’s. Not sure I’d go that far, but it is pretty amazing. Cheese, bacon, pickles, a special “social” sauce on a milk bun. Oh and TWO burger patties. It is absolutely delicious. My second favorite is the fried Brussels sprouts with pie crust pieces, pecans, fermented honey and thyme crème fraiche. Most times I have gone we ordered two because it is that scrumptious.

There is always something for everyone between the menu and the hot, and cold, dim sum carts they bring around for small bites of plates that change almost every day. Mexican street corn and a smoked salmon cream cheese wonton were the most memorable ones for me. I have eaten with gluten free people, vegetarians and, of course, me, who does not like spicy food, and there is always a fantastic selection that makes everyone happy.

This place is high on the top of my favorites places in Milwaukee. I look forward to going back many many times since the menu always has something new to try and so far has not disappointed.

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