Lazy Susan

19 Jun

I am a Lazy Susan for not writing a post about one of my favorite restaurants Lazy Susan. This little gem, just off KK on Howell, in a house, is a perfect pick for dinner or brunch. I have been countless times so I will not regale you with all the things I have tried since the menu changes all the time based on what is in season. It’s great for a causal dinner or a leisurely brunch on Sunday.

Last time I was there the waiter told me the menu more of a sharing concept, and they bring the food as it comes. But perhaps they only do this for larger parties. When C. and I eat there we obviously order fewer things and it comes out in a normal fashion and portions one could eat on their own.

From an atmosphere perspective it is pretty chill. Nothing fancy here, I’d probably choose the word quaint. It has a homey, comfortable charm. There are lazy Susan’s and unique salt-and-pepper shakers on the tables, and some quilts and antique plates on the walls. If you’re looking for glitz or spectacular interior design this is not the place.

But honestly, who cares about atmosphere when you just want to eat some really amazing food.

And drinks. Let’s start with the drinks. It would almost be a crime not to start out with a cocktail. The list very imaginative. As I mentioned I will not belabor the details, but last time I had the French Lavender. Uncle Vals Botanical Gin, Guillaumette L’Authentique Genepi Liquer, lavender simple syrup topped off with cava. Fantastique! This gives you an idea of what I mean by imaginative.

So now a bit on the food. Again, I caution that what I’ve sampled will change. But to give you an idea, here are a few menu items to give you a sense of the cuisine. Duck drummies with an amazing Asian sauce. Spaetzle (home-made) Carbonara with ham, English peas in a creamy egg, parmesan sauce with 7-year cheddar. Nettle Gnudi which are hand-rolled ricotta and nettle dumplings with arugula, prosciutto, wild mushrooms and a rhubarb buerre blanc. I do not feel I need to say more. Except, perhaps, YUM!

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