21 Oct

Shame on me for not writing up a review on Morel sooner. This little gem in Walker’s Point is fantastic. I’ve been three times, including my birthday. Yes, it was so good the first time, I picked it for that evening as well.

The space is very nice. It has exposed brick walls with wood beams. It’s casual enough that I’d feel comfortable popping in after work, yet, nice enough where I’d feel fine about dressing up and having a night out or bringing clients. There is a rather large counter that spans from the bar to the open kitchen so you can see all the action. They say the restaurant proper seats about 40 which seems right but you are not packed in like you are at some other places in that area.

I have to first hand it to them for the cocktails. Just as their food changes by what is available seasonally, they also make up new drinks all the time. And they’re all quite eclectic. The 1st time I was there I had something called an August Morning made with Raspberry brandy,  lavender, lemon and cuvee. On my birthday,  the bartender made me something special just for me with Morel’s simple syrup, vodka, champagne and St. Germaine. It was lovely!

On the food font, twice I opted for a confit option. Experience #1 was duck confit with house-made smoked pheasant sausage on a bed of polenta with green beans. #2 was a pheasant confit with duck sausage on the same model. Quite frankly the house-made sausage pretty much blew my mind both times. Sadly on trip #3 last week, a variation was no longer on the menu. Sniff. We had the smoked trout appetizer with a horseradish cream and baby kale salad. It was an entire filet of smoked trout and it was superb. C. had beef cheek, which sometimes can be a bit much, but this dish was excellent. As with so many new places in Milwaukee, the menu changes based on the seasonal availability of different foods so it’s never exactly the same. Let’s just put it like this, if you don’t want to try new things or combinations of things or things you’ve never even heard of, then you may not like it. But I do, and all their menu items were imaginative and intriguing to me. And for those of you who work with me, you know one of the harshest food critics we know is T. Rock. And he told me he had an absolutely fantastic meal when he and his wife paid a visit last week.

Last but not least, the desserts; they’re on par with the food, perhaps even better. Very unique with interesting combinations of flavors. We had chocolate shortcake with  bourbon ice cream and brittle. And a goat cheese cheesecake with red currants.  You get the idea.

It’s most definitely on my Top 5 restaurants in Milwaukee as of the writing of this blog post!!



2 Responses to “Morel”

  1. Nate.P.K. October 21, 2014 at 3:33 am #

    Been wanting to try this spot. Adding it to my list of places to hit up soon!

  2. Ernest Abbott October 21, 2014 at 3:46 pm #


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