Engine Company Number 3

6 Oct

Engine Company Number 3 opened it’s rather large garage door in September, 2014. It’s in an old re-modeled firehouse complete with open beams on the ceiling, Cream City brick walls, gorgeous wood plank floors and a variety of old firefighting equipment like ladders and a big life net. All they’re missing is a fire pole.

It’s open only for breakfast/lunch during the week and brunch on weekends. The fare leans towards the gourmet side of things which is not surprising since the chef is from La Merenda. The menu lists 4 main areas: Fresh from the Bakery, Eggs and Such, Sweet Fare and Side and Extras. Sweet Fare offers up some every interesting combinations such as Apple Pie or Pumpkin Flapjacks and Amaretto or Mocha French Toast. Eggs and Such offers unique plates like Argentinian Steak & Eggs, Langoustine and Grits, Smoked Pork Benedict and your basic Quiche Lorraine (which must be good because they had run out of it the day we visited)

I had the Crab Benedict which is made with lump crab and was delicious. I also tried their coffee cake from the Bakery section and it might just be the best coffee cake I have ever had. I wanted to sample their cinnamon rolls, but they had run out of those too, but I caught a glimpse on their Facebook page and they look divine.  On the flip side, the Langoustine with Grits was sort of average, but C. is quite discerning about his grits so it was a tall bar. And the “classic bacon” was pretty unusual. It came out looking rather grey and not crispy at all. I asked what kind of bacon it was because it tasted so different we actually thought it was from a different animal. I was told it is “streaky bacon” and smoked over at La Merenda. I am guessing some may absolutely love it, but for me, I prefer regular old bacon.

Overall,  the experience was quite nice and they’ve been getting a ton of glowing reviews. The space is very cool, the menu is interesting and unique and I am guessing if we had ordered differently (which I will next time), we’d have been all thumbs up.

Added March 2015: Over the course of the past 6 months they have made great strides on the menu. Fortunately they have added regular old bacon, in addition to their Irish bacon, so that makes me happy. Just be sure to ask for it crispy. And their Quiche Lorraine is amazing. The Gruyere cheese baked on top is to die for. Oh, and they offer single pancakes which make a nice “breakfast appie”. Try the S’Mores version with a graham cracker batter, marshmallow fluff and chocolate drizzle.

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