8 Aug

In just one meal, I have put Good Kind high up on the list for places to dine in Milwaukee. I already have a burning desire to go back again and again and again, just to sample more items on their menu.

This new restaurant is in Bayview a little north of the Cactus Club and brought to us the chefs of Odd Duck. It’s a very interesting menu; everything has a twist but it’s not as “odd” as their former establishment. Which I prefer. They do a nice job with a craft cocktail list (some of the owners are associated with Burnhearts’s so you know they’re tasty), good selection of beer and wine. The menu offers ups “Bites” which are very small plate nibbles to start (I understand the fried chickpeas are divine although we did not have them), options form the “Larder”, “Pans” which are small plate options, and larger items from the “Fryer” and the “Rotisserie”.

We did not sample a ton of options and I am glad I didn’t because they’re quite generous with the portion size. And I am not going to bother to detail the multitude of offerings because they’re all so unique it wouldn’t make any sense. Plus, the menu is going to change on a regular basis based on what they can source locally so it’s pointless.

That said, to give you an idea, C. , whose favorite food in the world is soft shell crab, had them with a  lemon buerre blanc sauce and he said they were some of the best he had had in his life. And that’s a lot of soft shell crab! I had the rotisserie leg of lamb with a lavender-anchovy rub. One word. WOW. And,  on the at note, they appear to be placing a big emphasis on their rotisserie from the interviews I’ve been reading. For example, I just noticed on Facebook, the put quail on the rotisserie the other night. Yum! And, save room for dessert.  They’re just as imaginative as the rest of the menu. We had something called a Basque cake. It’s an almond cake with Door Country cherry preserves and dense elderflower ice cream.

As for the space itself, it’s great. It’s been all remodeled and it’s very warm and inviting. There is a huge oval bar in the middle that you can eat it and then tables around it. My only caution would be that it is very loud. Very! I’d probably not go with more than 4 people, because if you try 6 the 2 on the opposite ends will likely not be able to hear each other. But who cares, it’s a fantastic place and the food is terrific!

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