Black Sheep

15 May

I have now been twice to this restaurant and bar in Walker’s Point on 2nd Street and I’m a fan. First of all, because of the space. They did an amazing job with the décor. Cool lighting and lots of candles. A huge metal top bar area. Seating areas with pillows. And sheep artwork that looks fantastic. I have to say this next part because a friend who dined with me, who wishes to remain anonymous, coined the whole effect,  “tre-Sheep”.

On their site, the owners say the concept is “wine meets hot dog”. Very accurate, but they’re actually called “haute-dogs”.   Now, those of you who know me, know the combo of wine and hot dogs is sheer bliss. The wine part is genius. You get a card and use their self-serve dispensing system to sample 1.5, 3 and 6 oz. pours from a selection of 5 whites and 5 reds. And the “haute-dogs” are very imaginative. The Trailer Park dog is my favorite. Bacon wrapped with braised onions and coleslaw. But the Rum Dog was pretty tasty too with rum baked beans, pork jowl and cheddar cheese.

But they have all sorts of other decadent offerings too. (Note: this place is not a great place if you have high cholesterol or are on a diet). The Mac N’ Cheese with roasted garlic and Maytag blue cheese is scrumptious. The night C. and I went we had a special appie of truffle potato chips and cheese dip. Yum! And the braised short rib was superb. Not such a huge fan of the Chicken & a Biscuit though. To top it off one must have the Warm Fudge Brownie with whiskey ice cream that is more like 4 brownies that comes in a cast iron skillet with a little handle mitt.

They also have a nice selection of interesting salads, seafood and heartier fare like meatballs, cassoulet, pancetta-wrapped tenderloin, and,  of course,  the obligatory charcuterie and cheese boards.

And I am very excited that  they just started an all-day Sunday brunch. The menu has the standard offerings like waffles, pancakes and omelettes, as well as more interesting options like the brunch dog with scrambled eggs and cheese on a pretzel bun and foraged mushroom fricassee with creamy polenta. And something I plan not to miss…..Mimosa table service. Not sure what that is yet, but I intend to find out.

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