27 Dec

I am officially an ardent fan of Ardent! Currently, there are11 items on the menu and, for now, they told me the menu will remain the same for at least a few months. I really cannot even begin to describe the food and do it justice. It is simple and complex at the same time. For example, they offer something called Milk. It is a piece of bread, butter and cheese. Sounds boring right? It’s not. It’s divine. They go to a farm outside of Madison once a week to buy the milk and the cheese. Then they make their butter with the milk and use that butter in the bread. The French onion soup is like no other. It’s kind of like a deconstructed French onion soup that they make in front of you. They dehydrate cipollini onions and bring them to life beef consommé and of course add in some aged parmesan. Oh and by the way, the beef stock is made from the cow that the chef/owner gets from his Dad. This new restaurant is simply fantastic. Sure there are some things I liked more than others. For example, I now know I am not too keen on bone marrow on my beef tartar. But overall the food is highly imaginative and meticulously prepared. The space itself is small. Reservations are a must on weekends. And I firmly believe once this place catches on, it will become impossible to walk in and sit at the bar during the week.

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