The Palomino

11 Nov

This laid back bar and restaurant in Bayview has never really been high on my list for great food but I heard they had a new menu so we checked it out. Plus, it bills itself as specializing in southern fare which is right up C.’s alley.

However, because I am not able to tolerate peppers or peppery spices, I am writing this post through the taste buds of C. Everything from the cast iron fried chicken to the deviled eggs was infused with peppery spices of some form. So I ate the biscuits and C. ate everything I ordered plus crab soup and smoked pork shoulder. He raved about everything he sampled and give it a big thumbs up.

And let’s not forget the grits. C. is a grits connoisseur. He believes no restaurant in this state has a clue how to make grits. Until now. He said they were fantastic.

So for those of you who don’t mind spicy, and love southern food, then check it out!

One Response to “The Palomino”

  1. Chris B November 11, 2013 at 2:32 am #

    Great to know. Love the spicy food. Plus, awesome post.

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