Prodigal Gastropub (now closed)

22 Aug

I have checked out the new Prodigal Gastropub twice. It is a fantastic space in the old MOCT nightclub space on Pittsburgh. The interior design is open and airy and both times I was there the giant garage doors on the front were open so it was almost like al fresco seating. They did a lot of work to change it from the modern nightclub to a more relaxed and rustic décor, and it turned out nicely.

They pitch themselves as “contemporary American eclectic” food, although C. commented and said it was like high end bar food. Hence gastro pub, I  guess. Regardless I love their kind of menu where you can chooses from a variety of things you simply can’t find other places. Their chef comes from Bacchus so you know it is imaginative, and well done.

As for the food, they have quite a few small plates. We had the fried chicken lollipops and grilled duck confit flatbread and they were both quite tasty.  On the entrée side of things there is a range from fish to  beef to chicken to pork to pasta and more. And from what I can tell from their Facebook page, they also prepare quite a few weekly specials so it is not always the same.

As for drinks, they place an emphasis on their bourbon – supposedly they have over 40 options  –  and have a room in the back called the “Bourbon Room” with a cozy little fireplace and seating areas. Craft beers and craft  cocktails also seem to be high on their list. The craft cocktails are quite interesting, I am sure because the bar manager came from the Hamilton. I stuck with my usual wine and I thought they had a nice selection to choose from.

I will admit the first time I went we went with a group of 6 and our food took forever and was cold. Growing pains I think, I did go the first week they opened. Upon my return however they appeared to have worked out the kinks and I fully intend to go back often to sample more options. One warning. Your knife and fork WILL slide right off the plates they use,  so watch out.

2 Responses to “Prodigal Gastropub (now closed)”

  1. mkedave August 22, 2013 at 8:40 pm #

    LOVE me some duck confit pizza! I mean, that’s the sort of food that goes with fancy beers.

  2. M November 10, 2013 at 4:09 pm #

    Went there last night for the Man’s birthday dinner with a group of six. Oh. My. The new fall menu is great. We each had something different: rabbit pot pie, scallops, seafood “risotto” (potatoes instead of rice), Arctic char, short ribs….everyone thought the food was great. We also had desert; the pumpkin cheesecake was amazing.
    They need to get the word out a little more, though. It wasn’t as busy as I would have liked to see on a Saturday night.

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