Blue Jacket

30 Jun

Oh happy day. We have another new restaurant in Walker’s Point. Blue Jacket just opened in a completely renovated building next to La Merenda. They have themed it around a celebration of the Great Lakes inspired by their love of sailing. The waitress told us “the drink menu is inspired by 300 years of maritime tradition”.

The renovation certainly was a success. The space is clean and contemporary with seating inside at the bar, high tops and booths and seating outside as well. And it is airy and open which is accentuated with a giant garage door that opens up when the weather is nice. And as for the music, well it comes from a turntable. How nice to listen to vinyl records for a change!

I am sure not I “get” the Great Lakes theme on the food short of some local water fish options, but who cares. The menu was right up my alley. It is not an extensive menu, but we still had a hard time picking because everything looked good. They have a few small snacks, “planks” which offer an artisan meats or cheeses, then plates which varied between appetizer sized offerings and full dinners.

We started with the white cheddar and black truffle popcorn while we perused the menu. It is addicting. Then we sampled the fried Clock Shadow Creamery cheese curds with a horseradish sauce. I was pleased to see that they were light and puffy and not heavy handed on the fried aspect like so many cheese curds can be. C. had the whitefish with brussels sprouts and guanciale which was quite good but you need to like a bit of a fishier fish. And I had one of the best meals I have had in quite a while, the duck and mushroom meatballs with a poached duck egg and asparagus on a creamy polenta. WOW! It was amazing.

As for the cocktails, there are plenty to choose from. They had some guidance from the folks at Bitterbube on the cocktail menu and it is quite interesting. But the real surprise was the entire page, three columns wide, of various spirits, including about 30+ options for rum.

As of this writing they had not developed their dessert menu yet so more to come on that aspect when we go back. Which we will. Because it is a new little gem which will be in the regular rotation for us.

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