1 May

I could not go to Paris and not l share some of the places we ate at for future reference.

Frenchie – at the time of this writing, the restaurant was a tough reservation to get. But I did it two months out and it paid off. It is a tiny little place with a tiny little menu. Only three courses. C. said we had more options to pick from on the plane. But letting the chef make what he feels like every night is well worth it. The food was superb. Be sure to pay a visit to their little wine bar across the street.

La Fontaine de Mars. My friend E. who lives in New York told me to go here because she and her husband thought it was so good they ate their twice. And when our friends from London invited us to dinner, guess where they picked. FDM. Like E. we too went back for a second evening. It was a classic French bistro fare but with amazing nightly specials. Dishes like foie gras wrapped in bacon and chicken with a morel mushroom crème sauce and sponge cake where they bring you a bottle of cognac so you can drizzle how much you want over it. Superb.

Semilla – little neighborhood restaurant in St. Germaine de Pres. Delightful. Went on a Monday early at 7 PM. By the time 8:30 rolled around, it was packed. And it was not tourists. Locals. But the servers were delightful and helped us figure out the menu. We thought “osso bucco” would be veal. Wrong. It was called that because of the way the bone in the monkfish looks. It tasted like lobster. Divine. And veal tarte was not like carpaccio. It was little chunks of veal in an amazing lemon caper sauce.

Les Ombres. I had pigeon. Well, it was really squab but that is how it read on the menu. With a mashed potato and black panko bread crumb crust. Let me just say it sounds better when they call it Filet de pigeon snacké, assaisonné citron/muscade, parmentier de cuisse, chapelure noire. I told C. that I put it on my top 20 list of best dishes that I have ever had. And the view is incredible overlooking the Eiffel Tower, especially when they put on the light show at 10 :00.

And last but not least, if you ever need a tour guide give Laurent a call. He came highly recommended by friend E. from New York and the day we spent with him was invaluable and a wonderful time. He is a truly great person and tour guide. I miss him already.

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  1. Rexford Stearns May 2, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    Nice job.

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