Big Daddy’s Brew and Cue

5 Apr

Big Daddy’s Brew and Cue is a new barbecue joint next to the IPic at Bayshore. Yes, it is a mall restaurant, but if you’re in the mood for some really tasty smoked meats like pulled pork, beef brisket, beef tenderloin, house-made hot links, and, of course, ribs, then I’d definitely give it a go. The ribs were outstanding and you have options for the sauce: a sweeter one with a Sprecher root beer base, a Carolina Gold which is mustard and vinegar based and Kansas City which is the spicy option. Speaking of spicy, the chili is HOT. C. gave it a huge thumbs up. It had pulled pork in it. But he said it was a pretty intense heat.

Main dishes come with 2 sides and cornbread. It’s all very nicely done where things like baked beans and mac and cheese come in small cast iron skillets. But honestly, save your room for the meaty goodness. The sides were “ok” but not great.

They’re big on beer (obviously, hence “Brew” in the name) and specialty drinks. Oddly enough I could not find a drink special that tripped my trigger, but if you like things like Lemon Drops, Brandy Sours, Bourbon Sours, Gin Gimlets and things of that nature, then you will like their cocktails.

From an atmosphere perspective it a little bit sports bar/barbecue joint. It’s fine. And there is some eye candy for the men, since the waitresses all wear super short cut-off blue jean shorts and plaid sleeveless shirts and cowboy boots. C. dubbed them “naughty cowgirl outfits”.

We will go back again next time we see a movie. And I will have only the ribs, no sides, and instead of a half rack, maybe a whole order!

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