Jow Nai Fouquet

20 Mar

Jow Nai Fouquet is a new-ish Thai restaurant on the corner of Farwell and Lafayette. It is the old Abu’s space and what a phenomenal improvement that is! They gutted the interior so now it has a nice bar area and the space is modern, fresh and clean.

Fresh and clean. Just like the food. Everything we had was so flavorful and fresh that one person we were with said it is “bordering on Vietnamese”. The menu features pictures of each dish which can be a pro and a con. Sure, you can see what the dish looks like, but the actual photography detracts from how good it tastes in reality. I also like the fact they have a star-rating for the heat level, since I do not like much heat and C. likes it turned up on high.

This is definitely a keeper in the restaurant rotation, especially for take-out, if you don’t want to risk not getting a table since the place is pretty small. And while we thought everything we had was quite tasty, including my most favorite dish, and one I am quite particular about, the crab rangoon, the shrimp tempura is something I’d go back for all on its own. Never had anything like it before, it had a latticework detail on the batter which made it incredibly light. Scrumptious!

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