Odd Duck

27 Feb

I am remiss in not doing a write-up on this new-ish addition to our Milwaukee dining scene. Not exactly “new” anymore, but it did make the top 5 best new dining list in 2012 by onmilwaukee.com. Sometimes I do not agree with how voters vote in this town for “top” lists, but in this instance I completely agree.

Their website bills it as featuring “an ever-changing menu of shareable small plates inspired by local ingredients”. I’d also add, they have a highly eclectic combination of ingredients that when put together are amazing. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical that I was going to like some of the ingredients and combinations, but I was most pleasantly surprised. I will not belabor the specific dishes because the menu changes all the time, but what we did have was fantastic. In fact, I just looked at the menu online to refresh my memory on the specifics of some of our dishes, but none of them are there anymore. While I do like going back for my favorites at certain restaurants, in this instance I am happy they change it up because it makes me want to go back often to sample what is new that week.

So go with an open mind. Go with a few other people so you can sample lots of options. And make a reservation, it is a tough one to get.

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