Il Mito East

24 Feb

Oh, I love it when a really good new restaurant opens downtown. The new Il Mito East, in the Knickerbocker hotel, opened its doors this week. We went for brunch, but opted for their main menu fare.

C. thinks a good test of an Italian restaurant is their lasagna, and their rendition was amazing. Made with shredded Black Angus beef, fresh Wisconsin cheese, a roasted mushroom bechamel sauce, and their signature tomato sauce, it was one of the best I have ever had. And, they brought us delicious warm bread that was accompanied by creamy, roasted garlic concoction that was to die for. (If you order brunch, then they swap garlic for a cinnamon butter with raspberry drizzle!)

They also had quite a few innovative menu options. First, they had a Bloody Mary bar set up with a huge assortment of add-ons. And while we did not opt for the brunch menu, they had a nice array of options inspired by different countries. A goat cheese soufflé from Paris, an Italian frittata, a Spanish omelette, an Argentinian empanada, a Spanish-style French toast from Madrid, etc…

They have a great selection on their main menu, from interesting salads like their Caesar salad topped with hard-boiled eggs, apple-smoked bacon, crispy onion haystack and homemade, herb-infused croutons, finished with homemade Caesar dressing and Parmesan sprinkle, and pizzas and paninis, to pastas like fettuccine alla Bolognese with a slow cooked ragu of a trio of meats, gnocchi in a tomato sauce reduced with vodka and infused with caramelized garlic and gulf shrimp, homemade ravioli filled seasonal squash and creamy ricotta in a brown butter sage sauce to mains like a slow braised lamb shank, roasted rack of veal, fresh fish, and osso bucco.

The menu inspires me make a return trip soon and try out some new things. But one thing not to miss, if you go for brunch, are the Sicilian donuts, made to order, drizzled with a raspberry sauce and Nutella on the side for dipping. Yum!

Oh and if you’re lucky, you will have Marla as your waitress. She is a dream!

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