Camp Bar

31 Jan

After hearing so many great things about Camp Bar, I paid it a visit last night. What a great little place. And I say little because it was smaller than I expected, but that is what made the environment so warm and cozy. It’s like an upscale cabin in the north woods. The décor is obviously themed that way, and quite well done. My friend J. described it as Park Avenue meets Prairie du Chien. It’s the little touches, like the raccoons in a canoe above the bar, that make this place special. And, it sure is THE place to go in Shorewood to watch a game. Hard to miss any action since you are surrounded by giant screen TV’s which I might add does NOT detract from the coziness of the place.

They had a nice wine list which also was an unexpected surprise. I always think bars in this state tend to cater only to beer lovers. Not so here. And what a brilliant idea they had in partnering with the Falbo Brothers Pizza place around the corner. You text them your order and they deliver it to the bar in about 15 minutes. Sweet! And the pizza was really good. You can also order from a small selection of pasta, salads, sandwiches and appies. We had the cheese curds and they were delicious. I know it is hard to have a bad cheese curd, but there were truly outstanding.

Truly a little gem! I wished I lived closer to it, because I’d be a regular.

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