Points East Pub

10 Jan

This little pub slipped under my radar screen! A co-worker told me he thought they had the best wings in town, and he might just be right. In terms of wings, they only have one kind. Hot wings. And they are HOT! From what I can discern they are fried a bit, sauced, then put on the grill which is what makes them so tasty. I am not a hot wing kind of gal, but C. said they were “incredible”. And much to my delight, they not only have great hot wings, but they make a mean cheeseburger too. And on Tuesday nights it will only set you back $2. And it’s not just a good hamburger, it was great, and the bun was superb.

It is located on the corner of Jackson and Lyon across from the Pic N Save. It is not big place, and it is pretty much a dive. You can sit at the bar, or in a row of 4 top tables, or small wooden booths in the back. You order at the bar. The menu is written on chalkboards that you can barely read. The bartender started out a teence surly, but actually was kind of a sweetheart by the time we were done. It is a local place for sure. We walked in and you could just tell they wondered where we came from. This all adds up to why I liked it so much.

And let’s not forget the bar part. I have not seen a selection of liquor options that extensive in a while, and certainly not in a neighborhood bar. I mean who has Crown Royal Black and Crown Royal Maple on the list? Although, much to the chagrin of the people at Crown Royal, the customer who asked for it, had it mixed with Diet Coke.

There is also an extensive list of bottled beer on a huge menu, which I also could not read. And, for me, a very pleasant surprise – they had wine. It came in a small bottle, a little bigger than you get on an airplane. It was good! And I give them credit for handling their wine selection that way since I am sure they do not get a lot of folks asking for it in there so it stays fresh.

We will most definitely be back! Probably on a fairly regular basis. Although we may avoid Thursday and Friday nights because the bartender says it gets just packed.

One Response to “Points East Pub”

  1. Rexford Stearns January 11, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    Good review – impressed.

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