Circa 1880 (2nd review)

23 Dec

Since I first wrote about Circa 1880 I have been back several times, but this latest meal was so fantastic I felt it was worth a second write up. In my book, it has taken the #1 spot in Milwaukee. And it’s not just the food, the staff is so incredibly nice it makes the entire experience a joy.

I think what makes the menu so amazing is the incredible combination of flavors. For example,  veal strip loin with garlic and thyme purée in which the garlic had been baked 7 times. And on the side, shaved brussel sprouts with blue bacon and bacon. Venison with a cardamom and coffee crust. Foie gras terrine with cranberry sorbet and pepper honey. Cold crab and cauliflower salad with caviar on a cauliflower purée with little pickled things that were so good it is hard to describe. You get the idea! 

And just like the last time, I still recommend just saying no to the roll, but save room for dessert. I mean who can turn down brown butter ice cream and lemon curd with olive oil cake bites, blackberries and lemon sorbet and lemon meringue. To die for!

I am sure there are dishes on the menu that will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the quality, and imagination, of the food they prepare cannot be underestimated.

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