Wolf Peach

15 Dec

Well we finally made it to Wolf Peach. In the space that used to be Roots. I was most pleasantly surprised. When I looked at the menu online I was not too sure it was going to be my cup of tea. But it is. In fact it was so good we started with brunch and went back for dinner – take out pizza!

The brunch was excellent. There were 5 of us and we all thought our meals were really good. Who knew I would love a gingerbread pancake so much! C had bangers and baked eggs which were quite good, albeit a tad on the sweet side. And my friend G. had the Chilaquiles which our server told us was Mexican hangover food. He snarfed it right up.

I was told the Bloody’s were good and they came with not your average beer chaser, but a small bottle of Rhinelander beer. A nice touch. There are lot of other interesting drinks to sample. And I might add, they do not skimp on the alcohol! The Wolfhound was superb. A mix of Rehorst Citrus Honey Vodka, fresh grapefruit juice and rosemary syrup. And the mimosa was the right blend of Prosecco and OJ, and that, in my opinion, is hard to find.

Let’s not forget the bacon. Probably the best bacon I have had, ever. So good, we ordered a second round.

As we were eating we eyed the pizza. My friend S. had heard they were good so we did take out that night. She was right. Amazing! The flavors were so unique and so delicious. Hard to describe. You just need to try it for yourself. We had the all meat pizza with mozzarella and the four cheese with truffle pizza. WOW!

The space is similar to Roots. Kind of rustic and casual and of course the views are still fantastic. I did not make it downstairs to check out with they did on the lower level. Left that as an excuse to go back.

I also found that the menu online does not exactly align with the menu of the day. So my two cents is to go and check it out. There are lots more things for me to try on their menu but so far so good!

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