Harry’s Bar and Grill

1 Oct

I’ve never really been a huge fan of this Shorewood establishment. I always preferred the sister restaurant, The Knick. But when our waiter at The Knick told us Harry’s had an updated menu and a new renovation we decided to check it out.

I like the new décor. I have read some reviews that complain about it, but to each his own. I found it to be warm and cozy with its wood paneling, and, I kind of like the leopard covered love seats at the bar. On a snowy evening when you want to get out of the house on a weeknight I think it will be a nice place to go.

I say weeknight, because I’d probably not waste a weekend evening at Harry’s. The food is solid, but nothing all that special. The have a nice variety to pick from and they have daily specials which are usually pretty imaginative. But the food is, in my opinion, not fantastic. The exception to that is their Crab Rangoon which, I will have to say, is probably the best I have ever had. Aside from that, our ribs were fine, my grilled cheese sandwich was fine. But, fine is not fabulous, so just manage your culinary expectations on this one.

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