The Knick

13 Sep

I am remiss in writing a review on The Knick. Usually I write a post after I eat someplace. I am remiss because I eat at The Knick quite a bit, actually, not true, a lot. While I cannot say it is the “best” place for brunch on a Sunday, or a weeknight dinner, it sure is a solid choice and it has never disappointed.

It is a go to place for us on a weekend for brunch. They vary their menu between Saturday and Sunday which is nice if you end up going quite often like we do. Their daily quiche special is my favorite. It is always light, and fluffy, and full of flavor. Best quiche in town in my opinion. And quite possibly, one of the best, time after time, that I have ever eaten. But the Mediterranean Breakfast with feta and kalamata olive and an herbed pita is quite tasty too and you cannot really go wrong with their omelettes and egg sandwich.

For dinner, they have a nice selection of burgers. Love the brie and carmelized onion version. I have never actually had a full entree so I cannot speak to that, but we like to split a few appetizers like the crab dip, asian platter, crab cakes and calamari and they are delicious. Avoid the tater tots – they’re big and not very crispy.

All in all a solid choice, especially for brunch, and especially in the warmer months where you can sit outside!

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