Sala da Pranzo

6 Sep

This little neighborhood Italian place on the East Side has had its ups and downs but, lately, it is more up than down. That perspective is according to quite a few people I polled who eat there quite frequently.

There is a shortage of really outstanding Italian restaurants in this town. And, while this place is not a 9 or a 10, it is the best you can get for Italian if:

A. you are not talking about pizza and

B. you do not want to drive to Wauwatosa to hit the Ristorante Bartolotta

C. you are not in a rush because the kitchen is not very big and they make the meals to order, which is nice.

The starters we had the other day were quite good. The beef carpaccio and baked artichoke dip were both very tasty. We probably should have had one more appie to split and a Tiramisu for dessert and then been done, but we ordered more. I had to have fodder for my blog!

You may want to drink lots of water. They like their salt. C. had veal saltimbocca and they took the name literally. In fact, so much so that they actually have a typo on the menu where it is spelled “saltinbocca” with an “N”. Ha! They also just added pizza to their menu. I had the pepperoni and boursin cheese version which was really tasty but, again, on the salty side. Not that I’d not order it again mind you, just be forewarned. And my friend M. said she loves the Flag of Italy pizza so you might want to give that a try.

All in all, they have a nice selection on the menu and we certainly plan to go back again soon and sample some other options like the gnocchi with spinach and gorgonzola cheese, sausage ravioli and the angel hair pasta with Kalamata olives, artichoke hearts and their family’s special tomato sauce.

Oh, and last but not least, be sure to save room for the Tiramisu – it was very good!

One Response to “Sala da Pranzo”

  1. M February 24, 2013 at 4:04 am #

    We had a date night tonight. Dinner was perfect. M1 had the tenderloin which was cooked perfectly. I tasted the sauce on a mushroom and it was delicious. I had their pasta special: mushroom ravioli with a spicy tomato sauce and spinach. It was amazing. The icing on the cake was after having a fabulous meal with two drinks each, the bill was far under $100.

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