4 Apr

This one goes on the “just average” list. The one redeeming quality about Trocadero is the patio area. Even when it is cold you can sit on their enclosed heated patio and in the summer move out to the beautiful outdoor patio. Their food used to be quite good. It started as French inspired restaurant and cuisine. Now their menu is some weird hybrid of French and Mexican. And the hybrid is really not all that hot. Examples: the quiche is basically a store bought, doughy shell with some filler and the fried chicken on a waffle was nothing but glorified chicken tenders with barbecue sauce. The service was beyond bad. We should have brought some fireworks to capture the attention of the bartender while we waited for our table. At the end of our meal it was almost amusingly bad. I mean one has to laugh when your dirty dishes sit there through asking for the bill, then being brought the bill, then actually having them take the bill away and still leaving the dishes on the table. It is a shame this wonderful space cannot go back to its early years when it was one of my most favorite places. Now I’d really only go back for a cocktail on their patio.

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