The “Don’t Bother” List

11 Mar

I tend to post about restaurants I like and not dwell on mediocre ones. However, I thought it was time to create the “don’t bother” list. Those places that are just really not “all that” in my opinion and where it makes more sense to opt for a much better alternative. Here goes – I will update it as needed. Hopefully not too often.

The Eatery and Miss Katie’s Diner and Hotch-A Doo – if you want a good weekend breakfast go to The Comet, The Knick, Beans and Barley, Honey Pie or Cafe at the Plaza

Crisp – if you want pizza on the east side, walk over to Zaffiro’s or take a short drive to Via on Downer

Pasta Tree – if you desire pasta, go to Centro Cafe, Sala da Pranzo or better yet head over to Glorioso’s and buy what you need to make it at home

La Perla and Botana’s – if you want Mexican that is fresh and delicious, Terra Bar (new) and Restaurant, Riviera Maya, Cafe Corazon and Cempazuchi are much better pics.

New: Cafe Benelux. After my 5th time eating here (brunch, lunch and dinner – I’ve tried it all), and not liking anything I ate with the exception of their beignets with chocolate sauce which is nearly impossible to not taste good, it is getting added to this list. Despite the fact they have some similar menu items at the sister restaurant, Cafe Hollander, when you order it at Benelux is is usually just average, or downright bad. Given the plethora of other options on where to dine in this town, I see no reason to ever eat here again.

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