Cafe Corazon

21 Dec

This is a small, and I mean small, little Mexican restaurant in River West that we had not been to before. Tuesday night and the place was hopping. The line by 8 pm was long. Standing room only and I think some were waiting outside despite the fact it is the middle of winter.

As for the decor, if you can channel Jesus and Voodoo art and objects, you will get the picture. That’s all I’m saying.

The menu is Mexican but with some unusual fare. Meat options, of course, but you can also have your vegetarian options like soy chorizo or herbed tofu in your burrito or quesadilla. They also have good fish options like salmon or tilapia tacos. C. had the taco truck (3 tacos). And our friend we work with, B.G., told us he thinks their burger, complete with jalapenos and cilantro, is one of the best in town. Oh and their sour cream has lime and cilantro in it. Yum!

For the drinks, wine is served in the equivalent of a small water glass. Multiples required. But they also have some more unusual cocktails like a White Mexican with Vodka, Kahlua & Horchata. They’re big on the Horchata.

As for service, our waitress must have had a bad day. C. said, “Are we ordering or asking her for a favor?” We didn’t really care, our meal was quite tasty and we were happy we went. Probably not rushing back, but well worth a visit if you want a quaint little place for some good Mexican.

One Response to “Cafe Corazon”

  1. Sandy December 21, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

    Jesus and Voodoo = Our Lady of Guadalupe, Dias de los Muertos images, flaming sacred hearts, and tradition tin art. Love that place. They have a good brunch, too.

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