20 Nov

Sanford lived up to its reputation as one of the best restaurants in the Midwest. A five start dining experience to be sure. It is elegant, yet down to earth and not pretentious. The service is beyond anything else in Milwaukee. Simply outstanding. We had lots of questions about the preparation, since they use a lot of ingredients that one does not usually see on a menu in Milwaukee, and our waitress was extremely knowledgeable and happy to take the time to walk us through everything. Overall the food lived up to our expectations. It was simply superb. The spiced squash soup was amazing, right down to the presentation in a carved out squash bowl. My artichoke and tallegio ravioli was divine. C. had the elk. Neither of us had tasted it before and it was delicious. The imagination Sandy D’Amato brings to the blending of ingredients and flavors puts him in class all his own, at least in this city. There were a couple things I’d probably not do again. The sturgeon being one, although it is a signature dish. Our friend J. ordered it and it was not really my cup of tea. I had a simple salad and probably shouldn’t have. It was a salad, nothing exciting. But those are the exceptions. The key to eating here is to be adventurous. Try things you’ve never had and you will be impressed. C & I have a gift certificate to use and we cannot wait to go back where we will do the 7 course tasting menu and let the chef surprise us. One last thing. Whatever you do, order dessert. You may think you will be stuffed but who cares. One was better than the next!

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