Chez Jacques

20 Nov

What a great little find. It has been on 1st street for a long time, but I had never been there. It is a really quaint little place that feels very French. We met Jacques. He is French. And he serves reasonably priced French food. We went for breakfast. The bacon, leek and goat cheese quiche was delish and the ham and cheese crepes were even better. And be sure to have a croissant. Just as good as what you get in France. It is our new favorite place for a weekend brunch for sure. Next up we plan to try it for dinner to see if it delivers there as well. My guess is that it will. It is quite clear Jacques has put his heart and soul into the place and that he truly cares which makes all the difference.

Addition: Well we tried it for dinner and while it was”okay” it was not great. It is your standard french bistro fare but quite frankly you are better off at Pastiche, Lake Park or La Reve for that cuisine if you want it to be a truly great meal. I still stand by it for breakfast on a weekend, but probably would take a pass on dinner.

One Response to “Chez Jacques”

  1. Susan November 20, 2011 at 11:30 pm #

    Glad you had some good eating this weekend. I have heard good things about Chez Jacques but I have yet to try. Also happy you had a good experience at one of our favorites–Sanford.
    I just needed to share the fabulous experience P and I had at Crazy Water. I have been there numerous times, often entertaining clients, and it never disappoints. And last night was outstanding in every way. From drinks to appetizers, entrees and dessert.
    I started with and endive and apple salad with Nueske’s bacon, walnuts and a cheddar cheese dressing. P had chicken and apple tacos that were really enough for a small meal. Both were just great. I had Sea Bass and he had Striped Bass. Completely different preparations and just perfect.
    I knew you would want to know of our great experience.

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