Stefano’s (in Sheboygan)

14 Nov

This Italian restaurant in Sheboygan is well worth the drive. I had heard good things for years, but never visited it. That was a mistake! We had a variety of appetizers. The carpaccio was a reco from our waiter and absolutely delicious. Only on rare occasions have I had better. The grilled squid in white wine/butter sauce and garlic was delish. C. had the linguine with frutti di mare. Yum. But all that aside, you must have the Rigatoni alla Bergamasca. Sautéed Willow Creek Farms Italian sausage, local shiitake, crimini, oyster and button mushrooms, cave-aged pecorino cheese, a touch of cream and parmigiano cheese. Yes I copied it from their menu. The owner discovered the recipe in Italy in August and had the cheese shipped over. It was so unbelievably good we ordered a second serving to take home. I am anxiously awaiting dinner this evening. And of course, the ultimate test of a good Italian restaurant is their tiramisu. They passed with flying colors.

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