Rumpus Room

9 Nov

Well I was invited to my first official restaurant event as a blogger. My friend J. and I had lunch at the new Rumpus Room downtown. It used to be Eagan’s but now it is a European-inspired Gastro Pub run by the Bartolotta group. Once again, they have a winner on their hands. It is definitely a meat lover’s menu (beer cheese soup with pork belly, veal meatloaf, Scotch egg, pork shoulder, bangers and mash and of course a Charcuterie Corner where you can get sliced meats to go). However, they also have some nice salads and fish selections, so don’t let the meaty meat-ness of the menu put you off. One of the best thing about the place, they have deviled eggs as an appetizer and were they delicious. We also had the flatbread of the day with olives, tomatoes, arugula pesto and pecorino; it was excellent. I had pasta carbonara complete with a poached egg on the top and J. had the Cuban sandwich. Both were scrumptious. I asked J. his take on the food and he said everything was flavorful “down to the last bite”. There was nothing left on our plates. They also have an amazingly extensive beer and drink menu. They actually have tabs for things like whiskey, bourbon, gin, vodka, tequila, liqueurs, etc. And I love the fact they have an under $50 per bottle section on the wine list. Next time I think I will try their “Pajama brunch”. They encourage people to come in their pajamas – I might just do that one of these snowy Sunday mornings. This new hot spot in town is a “must experience” restaurant for everyone!

3 Responses to “Rumpus Room”

  1. Sandy November 9, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

    You were invited as a blogger? That’s wonderful, congratulations. The food sounds great. What’s the atmosphere like? Does it still look like Egans, or did they re-do the decor to match the Euro pub menu? Talk vibe, shrimpy.

  2. Eileen November 9, 2011 at 7:27 pm #

    Yay! My husband and I ate there Friday night and loved it! I had that guacinale (sp?) carbonara too and there was not a speck left on my plate. Husband had the pork schnitzl and loved that too. Has the same footprint as Eagan’s but I thought it evoked the dark-paneled look of a steakhouse. Apparently Joe spent a lot of time thoughtfully sourcing the decor…

  3. shrimp99 November 9, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    He must have. I thought it was very warm and cozy – a huge departure from Eagans. Although they did keep that fantastic full length bar. Sandy, there is a lot of wood, beautiful chandeliers, plum colors on the walls. It is very cozy, yet with a hip, cool vibe to it. Not stark or sterile like Eagans’ used to be.

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