River Lane Inn

16 Oct

I have heard of this place for years. But for some reason I never had any faith it would be any good and worthy of venturing outside of my downtown radius to a restaurant on Brown Deer Road. I was wrong, very wrong. My friend K. said it is one of her favorites so I agreed to give it a try.

If you can get past the fact the ambience is in line with a supper club, you sit in wooden captains chairs and the decor has probably not changed in 30 years, you will have a marvelous dinner. First of all the service is beyond attentive. Pretty sure it is all part of the culture. As for the food, they specialize in seafood. We stuck with the specials. Butternut squash ravioli with toasted sage and brown butter. Halibut with macadamia nuts and pineapple lime butter. I am sure you can tell my reading the ingredients how delicious it must have been! The piece de resistance though was the calamari. This is not your average calamari. It is the whole steak that has been pounded flat, covered in parmesan cheese, baked and topped with a delicate beurre blanc sauce. I will be going back just to have that appetizer. Ridiculously delicious.

Oh, and on the drink aspect. Their wine selection by the glass is quite nice which is rare in Milwaukee. The pour is so big, K. said “I could put a goldfish in there”.

So do yourself a favor and make the trip up there and enjoy!

Updated: February 24, 2013

Still a great restaurant. Everything above is still accurate. The parmesan encrusted calamari steak is a must. The ahi tuna with wasabi roe appetizer was superb. The walleye in a lemon beurre blanc sauce was sublime and the fallen chocolate souffle with caramel sauce was positively sinful!

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