2 Oct

Who knew one of the oddest little places in Milwaukee could have such a yummy fish fry. That’s right, I went to Victors. Aka, Victims. It was exactly as I expected. 80’s music (I was in heaven), glass walls, disco ball lights, over 50 men looking for under 30 ladies, it was almost a stereotype of its stereotype. And let’s not forget the older couple who I was told is there every weekend. There they were…dancing up a storm. It was a blast!

Seriously, this is a true Milwaukee establishment and I am disappointed that I did not give it a try sooner. Not only was it fun, but the food was pretty darn good. The perch was very good and better than the cod. The chicken fingers were the best I have ever had and I am not exaggerating. Perhaps they were cooked in lard. Who cares! They were tasty as was the fish. And the bread was to die for. I am going to go with “they used a lot butter” but again, who cares. This is a bucket list place to be sure and one that I will probably go back to when I crave a good fish fry and a good time!

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