Nessun Dorma

9 Aug

What a fabulous little find over in RiverWest. I had eaten there years ago, but quite frankly I had forgotten all about it. I will not forget about it again. They focus on paninis which may sound boring but these are not just any old paninis. The bread was fantastic – mine featured an asiago ciabatta. And the waitress was so wonderful….they make a four cheese panini with sweet red peppers, but since I do not like peppers the waitress told me they’d make a special version and use sun dried tomatos instead. With the basil pesto mayo, it was absolutely delicious. I am also told the Portobello Philly is quite tasty too.

I had been told by two co-workers I had to try the artichoke dip. They were right – it was outstanding. Creamy, garlicky artichoke spread topped with melted fontinella and served with grilled Tuscan bread. Yum!Yum!

It is a great little neighborhood place. Noting fancy, just very cozy and laid back. Go when it is warm and sit outside, kick back and have a glass of wine from their fairly extensive wine list, and enjoy!

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