Purple Pig (Chicago)

24 Jul

As I have said, I will occasionally add some “non-Milwaukee” restaurants to my blog when they are exceptional. This one is exceptional. And with the tagline – Cheese, Swine and Wine – how can you go wrong.

My friend M. and I were in Chicago for business and when I realized we had a 4 hour break in the afternoon. So we hopped on the opportunity to go to one of the best new restaurants in Chicago. You cannot make a reso. When we arrived at 2 pm it was packed, but we got a table. It was so ridiculously good. We of course tried a little bit of everything….it is a small plate dining place meant to share. We sampled:

-Mortadella, Balsamico & Pistachio crostini
-Milk Braised Pork Shoulder with Mashed Potatoes (superb)
-Octopus with Green Beans, Fingerling Potatoes & Salsa Verde
-Cheese plate (of course)
-And M had some banana pepper appetizer (which of course I did not touch)

It was well worth the visit. I plan to go back again and again…

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