Cafe Benelux

24 Jul

As much as I want to be able to write a nice blog post about one of our newest dining establishments in Milwaukee, I am afraid I will keep this one short and sweet and not be too mean. I actually waited to write a commentary after my first visit. I heard they were having “new restaurant issues” and decided to give it another try. It really did not help.

On the plus side – it is a fantastic space. The upper seating area is fabulous. The wait staff is so nice I am pretty sure they are trying to compensate for the food. Both times I was there the staff was extremely attentive. All in all, I love the whole idea of the place.

However, the food is at best mediocre. At best. Ironically I actually kind of like food that is more on the bland side. But their food has almost no taste at all. I actually asked C. if there was something wrong with my taste buds since I literally could not taste my omelette or his Pannenkoeken crepe special. He informed me my taste buds were perfectly normal. There was just no flavor to the food.

I will not belabor it. In my opinion, go for a drink, maybe have some frites, and then choose another place for dinner. As a cocktail venue, it is great. For food, not so much.

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