Beans and Barley

18 Jul

I give this favorite the 5 star rating. Never a disappointment, in fact every time I go I seem to discover some other new delicious thing on the menu. My love for Beans started over 11 years ago when my friend SB told me about the margaritas. Who knew a “health food” kind of place would have the best marg’s in the city. And by best I mean powerful. She dared me to drink two. I figured out why it was a dare. The are divine. And you cannot go wrong with their burritos and quesadillas. But last week I ventured outside my safety zone and tried the grilled cheese. It is spectacular. And the house potato salad that came with it was ridiculously delicious. I fully intend to keep pushing my boundaries and keep trying new things, although, with so many favorites it is hard to do.

One Response to “Beans and Barley”

  1. Sandy July 18, 2011 at 2:17 am #

    Only you could say that grilled cheese is venturing outside your comfort zone. Love that.

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