Umami Moto

19 Jun

I had not been here for a while but checked it out again on Saturday night. It was better than I remembered. The space itself is pretty hip for Milwaukee which is refreshing. Even the crowd was pretty chic. The service was amazing. To the point where I wondered if I was in Milwaukee and not NYC. Ask for Spirit as a waiter – he is great. The menu is terrific – we had a hard time picking what to eat. Opted for sea bass and beef and foie gras gyoza. Oink. But they also have a nice assortment of appies and sushi if you want to get things to share. Milwaukee Street is clearly “happening” ‘these days. All the restaurants were packed so it was kind of a fun scene on a Saturday.

One Response to “Umami Moto”

  1. Alyssa June 26, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    I just visited Umami Moto last Tuesday. I loved how well they treated us and other guests there. The experience itself is definitely worth the money…and the food/cocktails are pretty good too!

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