Sala da Pranzo

8 May

This posting may be controversial. While most of my friends absolutely love Sala da Pranzo, I have to say that after eating there time and time again, I have to go with just average. In fact, I may be too “nice” considering that on my visit on Friday, there was a big old hair in my food, we had to send our wine back, my friend K. had a mediocre dinner and mine was just plain inedible. Literally. They actually took it off my bill because they admitted the veal was tough. If you knew you had a bad batch, then why did you serve it?

Now to be fair, it is not always that bad, but it has never been truly phenomenal in my opinion. It pains me to write this since I do like the atmosphere of this quaint little eastside establishment, but if I am being honest on this blog, it has gone down a notch to a “maybe” visit in my book. I will give it another try one of these days since I hear the pizza is pretty good, but as for a go to place for dinner, it has dropped to pretty low on my list.

One Response to “Sala da Pranzo”

  1. Marion Gottschalk May 8, 2011 at 8:48 pm #

    As a vegetarian, I love it. But I always stick to the pasta, which is what I think they do best.

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