Harbor House

1 May

If you want phenomenal views of the Calatrava and Lake Michigan, you must go to Harbor House – the only restaurant in Milwaukee that is actually on the lake.
In fact, this is my new #2 pick for a place to take anyone new to Milwaukee for dinner (Elsa’s is still #1). Seafood, steak, raw bar is the focus. You can make it a more formal evening and make a reservation or be more relaxed and grab a seat at the bar or one of the tables in the back, which is my preference. I have been twice in the past two weeks mainly because morel mushrooms are in season and they are featuring fish of the day in a morel mushroom cream sauce which is superb. If you like oysters this is a must go place – they fly in all sorts of varieties throughout the year. They had Florida stone crabs last night which is my absolute most favorite food in the world. They were delicious, although I may need to stop over and give them a lesson in how to crack them properly. At the end be sure to save room for dessert and get a slice of key lime pie AND the carrot cake.

Update: While Harbor House still is on my list of favorites, you are really better off not ordering their big expensive meals and stick to an assortment of appies. It really is not a steak place. And the prices really are pretty outrageous. For $52 you get a tiny piece of steak and the world’s smallest crab leg. It was so small we actually said something. They brought us another one but the first was pretty pathetic for the price they charged.

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