21 Apr

Good old Zaffiro’s. I hadn’t been here in a while and I had forgotten what a crime that is not to go more often. It may not look like much from the outside (it actually looks kind of scary from the outside) or on the inside, but who cares. I still think this is the best pizza in town. So simple, so delicious. The thin thin crust, just the right zest in the sauce, the perfect amount of cheese (a little more than normal) and pepperoni that is simply outstanding. Years ago my friends J&L had a Pizza Taste off at their house between Zaffiro’s and Lisa’s Pizza. It was a close call, but Zaffiros’ won. It has stood the test of time for sure.

Note:  Zaffiros’ is closed for lunch or I’d have gone twice in one week since it had been such a long time. So I tried Via on Downer. I must say, the Garlic Lover’s Pizza is pretty darn tasty. I’d go back most definitely. I still put Zaffiro’s as #1 but that particular pizza at Via is not far behind.

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