Screaming Tuna

2 Apr

Friday night we checked out the new sushi restaurant Screaming Tuna. I will start out by saying the food was really good. We ordered a wide variety of rolls and everything was quite delicious.

However, it is not without a few kinks in their early days of being open which gives me a bit of fodder for this posting. After perusing the menu we asked what is “crab stick?” Our waiter said it is from the leg of a crab. Ha! We said “really, can you check.” Sure enough 90% pollack and 10% flour. The service was painfully slow. As we watched the wait staff looking at and typing on their iphones all night we were wondering why in the world they were not being fired on the spot. It finally occurred to us maybe this was some new way of putting orders into the kitchen. Sure enough it is. We suggested to our waiter  he tell his customers so people don’t think he is being a total slacker, texting away while we wait forever for a glass of water.  We ordered edamame which came right away, but after about an hour waiting for the sushi to arrive, and, when my friend J. said “maybe we will need to bus our own table”, we finally got on their radar screen. The owner was actually very apologetic and very sweet. She explained they are having a few growing pains. And one of their sushi chefs had kidney stones so they were short on staff in the kitchen. Hey, I get it. It’s new. An hour and a half later we did get quite a delicious assortment of sushi. I’d definitely go back for the quality of the food but will give it a month or two for them to work out the service kinks.

2 Responses to “Screaming Tuna”

  1. upperlayer April 3, 2011 at 3:56 am #

    Good post. Shows the good and bad. I’d be up for trying it … in the suggested several months!

  2. Sandy April 3, 2011 at 10:47 pm #

    Great post, Susan! Also, your dinner companions sound like delightful people.

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